It seems like it has been forever since I last posted on here…It’s not the lack of books or time that have hindered my posts, but the lack of reading, the lack of feeling the passion to post something. I think I centred this blog solely on books and reviews, which as you can see I’ve been having a hard time getting around to them.

My focus, my love of reading has taken a nose dive, and it has been snowballing for quite sometime now. I’m finding it extremely difficult to finish a book, as before I’d have 5 read in a week. I start reading and or I lose my focus, or I fall asleep…It is not that the story is dull or what have you, it’s me!

I have tons of books pending to read and I just can’t find it in me to do it (cue: *big sigh*) It is frustrating to tell you the truth. *Takes deep breath.*

I think since this blog is called ‘Love Words & Books’ we should focus it on words, not only talk about books. I will be incorporating poetry as shorts and the like. If you have a poem or something you would like for this blog to feature then please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Hopefully things will start moving along soon!


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