BOOK REVIEW~ Quista Book One: Danay by Aviva Bel’Harold

Danay is an outsider on the water planet of Uma’Three. She’s too tall, too thin, she doesn’t have second lungs, and the water dries out her skin to the point she has to wear a reversed wet’skn just to survive.

When her Nan’Dah gives her a coming of age bracelet on her fifteenth birthday, she knows she won’t get a courtship pearl from anyone. She’s happy enough when the one boy she likes mysteriously returns after being gone for a whole Turn, but she isn’t surprised to discover he’s more interested in her best friend. That is … until he sees her bracelet. The braid has Danay’s pet name woven into it. Par’mida: ‘Precious One’ her Nan’Dah says. Phillip seems to think it means something different and now he won’t leave Danay’s side.

Something doesn’t seem right. Phillip is nervous around officials and he can’t answer any of her questions. And then the Emperor’s fleet arrives to perform loyalty tests. Caught in the middle and branded a traitor, Danay is swept into a secretive rebellion. When her best friend is taken by the Emperor’s men, Danay will have to learn that only she has the power to save the ones she loves.

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What can I say without giving this book away?

This is a fantastic YA sci-fi/fantasy, filled with mystery, intrigue, action and secrets.

I can tell you I truly enjoyed the journey so far. I loved everything about the commence of this series. The characters became alive in my mind so effortlessly, all because Aviva has a way to make her characters, their world seem so vivid… she knows how to engage the reader with her words, I felt I was one of the gang, I was part of their world, following them like a shadow.

I read the story in one sitting as it engaged me from the mere beginning, I was hooked and taken by what was going on. I needed to know what would happen. Who was who, and who to believe and trust.

Quista is a fun read for teens as adults alike. Even if fantasy or Sci-fi aren’t your thing, try this out as I’m sure you will enjoy this well written story.

5 stars


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