7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Love, Words and Books, We are a brand new book marketing company and we are currently ‘recruiting’ quality book reviewers for online blog tours and book marketing services for authors. We’d be so pleased to have you join our growing team of brilliant book bloggers.
    You’d be asked to read and review exciting new books. Sometimes the author would do a guest post for your blog or you could even interview the author. It’s a lot of fun and it helps support authors.
    You’d only ever be sent ‘review requests’ in the genre you love and you always have the choice. If you are too busy to do a review that month, that’s cool! We want you to enjoy reviewing for us. Please get in touch as we’d love to connect with you, Best Regards, Alana Munro. Owner of Reach for the Stars.


  2. Hello, Love Words and Books.
    I saw one of your resent reviews on my reader and it really interested me, i was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my brand new blog Honestly Simple Reviews.

    I’ve been reading and reviewing peoples work … published and un-puplished for many years now and i truely enjoy it, which is why i decided to make my own review site.
    I’d be very interested in what you guys have to say and any advice you have to help me start out.
    Thank you very kindly
    Lesley Acford


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